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No matter what residential, Business or Industry gas energy solution you’re looking for — Bulls Gas has affordable service designed to meet every budget need.

For Home

Your energy

  • I want to switch to Gas
    • If you are using another fuel supply? Now may be a good time to consider Bulls Gas as a cleaner, sustainable and modern fuel supplier. We have got the best quality and price in town for all your domestic needs, be for heating or cooking.


  • Using electricity
    • LP Gas is cheaper than electricity, so you stand to gain more by switching to our gas for your home use.
    • If you’re off the mains grid or are currently using electricity to heat your home, now may be a good time to consider Bulls Gas as an alternative and more reliable fuel supply. Various pricing for packages are available including deliveries to your door step should you be within our specified volumes and are within our points of delivery. Get in touch with us to know more.


  • Building a new home
    • If you’re planning to build or are already building a new home in a suburb without access to a mains electricity supply, Bulls Gas offers all the convenience and reliability of gas usage which reduces both your costs and energy consumption.



  1. Regulators: Bullnose & Swivel

This guide below is a step-by-step procedure on how to correctly and safely connect gas bottles to your appliances, with details of how to remove and replace regulators.

How to connect a LP gas bottle

  • Check that the valve hand wheel is off by turning it to off position.
  • Check the valve connection on the regulator and on the gas bottle for any damage before connecting the regulator.
  • Make sure the gas bottle connection is tight upon fitting it.
  • When you need gas, turn the valve hand wheel

How to disconnect a LP gas bottle

  • Turn the valve hand wheel off.
  • Except for multi-bottle installations with a changeover valve, turn off the gas tap if it’s fitted to the appliance. Wait until the burner and pilot lights have gone out.
  • Never remove the regulator (or connecting nut) with the bottle valve open.
  • Use your hands to untighten/unscrew the regulator.



Like all forms of gas, LPG can be hazardous if not handled correctly. Safety is of paramount importance at Bulls Gas, we therefore want to help you to understand our recommended safety procedures and how to reduce the risk of accidents that may arise due to mishandling this precious product.

Handling gas bottles

As with any heavy object, moving gas bottles can be a tricky business if you’re unsure of what to do. If the bottles are not handled properly, it could result in accidents, injuries or damage to the gas bottles themselves. We have put together some easy-to-follow tips for you to bear in mind when handling gas bottles:

  • Always use and store gas bottles in an upright position.
  • Gas bottles may be wet and slippery. Use gloves to ensure you have a firm grip.
  • Never roll gas bottles on their side, throw them or drop them.
  • Always use the proper lifting technique when moving gas bottles.
  • Empty bottles may still contain gas. Test them by rocking the cylinder to feel the movement of the liquid.
  • Never open the valve of an unconnected gas bottle as there is still likely to be some gas left inside.
  • Ask for help whenever in doubt in moving gas bottles.


  1. Hoses & Hose clamps
  • Gas gauges


For more information on LP Gas we are available to answer any questions you might have, so please call our technical helpline on any of our available numbers if you have any further queries regarding connecting or disconnecting gas regulators.

Why LPG?

  • LPG is a gas mixture made up of short formed hydrocarbons Propane & Butane.
  • LPG burns more complete than most other fuels due to its high octane rating. By burning at a higher efficiency it emits less carbon, which makes it greener for the environment and is healthier and safer than other fuels. LPG also vaporizes immediately and is not water soluble, therefore does not affect groundwater sources.
  • Calorific Value

LPG burns better, due to a calorific value that is 3 times that of firewood. This is LPG’s most important characteristic; a higher calorific value means that it heats and cooks quicker than its alternative fuel comparatives.

Why switch to gas?

  • LPG is an economical fuel source.
  • It burns readily and gives off instant heat. The flame is visible and its size is easily controllable to meet your heating needs.
  • LPG burns very efficiently, with very low combustion emissions and does not create black smoke. It does not leave messy soot so your cooking vessels can be cleaned easily.
  • It is easy to store an LPG cylinder. It is clean and takes up very little space in the kitchen. Bigger cylinders are stored outside the house.

Benefits of Bulls Gas

  • Local support and advice.
  • With fast growing nationwide customer operations centres, you can be sure to find local Bulls Gas authorized distributor near you
  • Reliable delivery: With a network of authorized distributors and state of the art LPG tanker fleet we are always able to deliver product on time. You will never run out of gas.
  • Greener and cleaner: LPG has the lowest carbon emissions of all fossil fuels, emitting around 20% less CO2 per kWh as compared to other alternative energy sources.

For Business

Clean LPG solutions for your business

We understand that your business requires a reliable LPG energy supplier in order to operate the many applications that keep your business going and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in providing a cleaner-burning fuel. Through our expertise and advanced technology we continually strive to deliver better, safer and more reliable ways to meet your LPG energy needs. Safety is of paramount importance in our operations. Bulls Gas can install tanks for the bulk users and supplies its products in full compliance with local health & safety regulations.

We have kept businesses in many sectors operating with satisfied customers due to our relentless supply of energy, and we can also do the same for you! Bulls Gas renowned for excellence in the provision of LP Gas and accessories as well as managing the value chain as a new and fast growing supplier of LP Gas and related energy solutions.

We always aim to offer all our business customers the best possible energy solutions; hence we created special packages for you.

Bulk LPG Users

You are our prime focus hence we have got a fleet of delivery trucks that are ready to deliver product as and when you need it. If you are a reseller we have got you the best quality and prices in town, all you need is to bring your bulk gas bottles and we fill them up for you

For Industry



With heat alone making up more than 50% of a typical utility bill, energy can have a huge impact on turnover. By reducing your consumption and becoming more efficient, you can boost your profit without having to increase sales. We understand that B&Bs, Hotels and guest houses have huge energy demands. Bulls can help you develop an efficient, cost-effective strategy and provide you with a full solution, customized to your individual business needs. We acknowledge that your business requires a reliable LPG energy supplier in order to operate the many applications that retain your customers. Our solutions are tuned to meet your particular requirements, and come with specialist advice and support from our team of technical experts.

You can rely on us to deliver a flexible heat solution that helps you save energy and money, without compromising on quality service. If you are currently using LPG from another supplier, by switching to us you can save your time and money.


Bulls Gas is used to power industrial ovens, furnaces and machinery, in food production, for shrink-wrapping and in a diverse range of other industrial processes. LPG from Bulls Gas is an ideal fuel source for many industrial processes. Our quality products combined with our expert approach means we can provide energy solutions to meet your specific requirements.


LPG is popular for heating bitumen on site as it needs no pumping and is easily controlled. It can be burned under a hood that concentrates the heat on the road surface and it’s easy to monitor the precise temperatures required.


LPG can provide the high intensity, high temperature flame needed to melt and fuse alloys and metals with precision.


LPG is an ideal fuel for use in firing pottery and ceramics, which can be adversely affected by soot produced by other fuels. In addition, LPG provides good heat control.


Melting glass is an energy intensive process that requires precise temperature control and fuel purity. LPG can provide easily controllable small flames for specialist processes such as melting optical glass.


Bulls gas is used for many farming applications.

Crop drying

LPG is a cleaner burning fuel that burns completely, so there is less chance of grain combustion, water ingress or fuel sediment. It can safely power a direct fired burner and can help reduce costs by prolonging the life of your equipment. It can also help to reduce maintenance, as there is no soot build-up.

Pig rearing

Fast-responding LPG radiant heaters are particularly suitable for weaning accommodation, where smaller pigs can get the warmth they need. They can also be used to provide background heating for dry sow and fattening houses, as well as powering mobile pig rearing units.

Horticulture & Garden Centres

An LPG system using radiant heat tubes, allows heat to be directed precisely at plant level, saving on heating costs. For even greater savings, specific ‘zone control’ can be achieved without the need to maintain the entire floor area at the same temperature. The system requires little space hence more floor area can be devoted to sales.

Flame weeding

Flaming has become a common weed and pest control technique. Propane fired torches produce a high temperature with a clean controllable flame just right for the purpose.


Unlike with coal or electricity, the heat produced by LPG is moist – which helps towards providing a more stress free environment for chicks. The correct ambient temperature can be maintained, helping to promote faster growth and more even feathering. With LPG, there is also less risk of a power cut or voltage reduction, no fuel residue and no need to replace heat lamps.


At Bulls Gas we understand the importance of your park and customers. Working directly with us could translate to extra savings for your Holiday Park, because we are not just another LPG supplier; we are one of the major providers and a brand that inspires global confidence.

The flexibility of LPG makes it the ideal fuel for heating, cooking, showers and swimming pools within holiday parks, which is why so many businesses across Zimbabwe are switching to LPG. It is also a cleaner- burning, safe, reliable energy that is also highly efficient and flexible. We will work with you directly to provide a tailored installation designed to meet your business energy needs without compromising your scenery.


We know that every school is different, which is why our solutions are tailored and come with specialist advice and support from our network of technical experts. Whatever energy solution is right for your educational establishment, you can rely on us to deliver a flexible heat solution that always makes the grade.

We can provide a reliable energy solution that is flexible and efficient. We know how important it is to your establishment and the people you serve that you have a reliable fuel source that is safe, clean and meets all your energy needs. Our clientele ranges from primary schools, boarding schools to universities and specialist establishments.